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Jewels International is committed to provide Special Education, Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Services to Persons with Disabilities with a Focus on the Persons with Intellectual Disability. The Organization shall persistently work to improve the quality of life of Persons with Disabilities and their Families

Jewels International has established "Chetana Institute for the Mentally Handicapped" with a Mission to establish and support establishment of Special Schools, Vocational Training Centers, and Sheltered Workshops for the Intellectually Disabled in the State of Orissa, India. The Organization shall also ensure the delivery of services to Visually Disabled, Hearing Disabled, Orthopedic Disabled, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Disabled and Autistic Persons through Community Based Rehabilitation Programme with a focus on Rural, Tribal and Slum Population. Promotion of Self-Help Groups of Persons with Disability and their Families, and Micro-financing is also part of the Vocational Rehabilitation Programme. 

Professional Education in the field of disability is one of the priority areas of focus. The Organization has established ‘Chetana College of Special Education’ to provide professional education to the Teachers of Intellectual Disability. It conducts Degree and Diploma Level Courses in the field of Intellectual Disability and Certificate Level Courses in other areas Disability. It conducts Orientation and Training Programme on Disability for the Parents, Family Members, Community Level Volunteers, Medical Officers, and Government Functionaries. It plans to educate as many people as possible with a view to spread Professional Knowledge in the field of disability.

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