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Chetana USA


Chetana USA would like to build a partnership with Chetana, Orissa, India, so that both can make a significant impact to Mentally Challenged Kids in Orissa. Currently the institute has 170 Children in three Special Schools run by the organization. The institute also has 1204 Children with Intellectual Disability registered under the Community Based Rehabilitation Program run in 8 Community Development Blocks in 5 Districts of the State of Orissa, India. Most of the children admitted in Special Schools and almost all the children under the Community Based Rehabilitation Program belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) Category of income level having Family income of Rupees 11000/- or less per Annum ($ 270). Government of Orissa grants Rupees 500/- ($12) per month towards maintenance cost of each child. This amount is less than half of the actual maintenance cost of the child. A minimum amount of Rupees 1100/- ($27) per month is necessary for each child (also please see Support a Child Scheme). Funds are also needed to provide for the basic facilities at the Institute.


Some of the Highlights of Chetana

  • Children are taught to be self dependant.

  •  Based on their IQ levels they are involved in vocational activities like stitching, making chalks, farming, gardening activities etc.

  • Children take part in several competitions on the occasion of International Day for the persons with Disability.

  • Children are encouraged to take part in singing, dancing and other cultural activities.


Educating, Nurturing and Training Mentally Challenged Kids to be self-dependant.

Scope of Chetana USA:

  • Financial support to cover annual expenditure incurred towards the children at the institute.

  • Financial support to help build basic facilities for the betterment of these children.

  • Financial support to build an agriculture based rehabilitation centre for Mentally Challenged Adults in the rural area.

  • Spread awareness of mentally challenged kids in the community.

  • Get international sponsors to collaborate in sponsorship and research with Chetana, India.

  • For more information, please email to -




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