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Role of psychological parameters in visual detection task Jay Prakash, and S.N. Puspak
Development of articulation among mentally retarded child. Arun Banik & Devi Prasanna Mishra
Prevalence of maladaptive behaviour at home and at school. Sarolkar Sachin
Relation between inspection time and intelligence in the mentally retarded : An experimental study. K.A. Baroun, Madhu Sethi and A.K. Sen
Scale for the measurement of Internal-External (I-E) controls in the
unemployed young men.
 Arvind Kumar Singh, Asha Rani, and Lal Bahadur Singh
Perceptions of general and special school teachers towards physical disability. B. Krishnaveni and Pavitra, P.
Observations of Benzodiazapine Dependance. N.M. Rath, B. Patnaik, G.S. Prusty, and K.K. Mishra
Dual diagnosis of children with mental retardation Nilamadhab Kar, Rakesh Khanna, and Indubhusan Das
Effect of intellectual levels and stimulus complexity on the behavior of
mentally retarded persons
N.C. Pati and R. Kumar
Rate of mental retardation as a function of birth order and maternal age R. Kumar, S. Nanda, and T.P. Ray
Task attention of the persons with mental retardation: Applied behavior
analysis in classroom setting
N.C. Pati, R. Kumar, and S. Mohanty
Level of mental retardation at Chetana Institute for the
Mentally Handicapped, Bhubaneswar
N.C. Pati, A. Devi, and R. Kumar
Speech problems among mentally retarded A. Banik, S. Mohanty, and R. Kumar
Milestones of development R. Kumar and S. Mohanty
Nutritional deficiencies: Their prevention and control T.P. Ray

Psychiatric emergencies in mentally retarded

Jyoti Mahapatra
Understanding to share the burden T.P. Ray
Attitude of mothers of mentally retarded children towards certain aspects
of child-rearing practices
Kalpana S. Prakash
Autistic behavior of mentally retarded children with physical morbidityAutistic behavior of mentally retarded children with physical morbidity N. Kar, I.B. Das, M. Pany, J. Sengupta, B. Mishra, and G.C. Kar

 Mental health problems of women in a culturally changing community

R.C. Mishra and A. Vajpayee
Semantic connotation in chronic schizophrenia R. Bhatiya, A.R. Singh, and D. Konar
Prevalence of Schneider’s first rank symptoms in schizophrenics P.K. Das, T.P. Ray, and R. Kumar
Social development of the children with mental retardation N.C. Pati, R. Permanik, and R. Kumar
Socio-demographic study of addicted persons reported at a de-addiction centre T.P. Ray, B. Pattnaik, M.K. Mohanty, and R. Kumar
A photo articulation test in Oriya K.C. Panda
Behavior problems of mentally handicapped persons in special schools of Orissa N.C. Pati, P. Behera, and S. Sahoo
Gilles de La Tourette’s disorder : A case report T.P. Ray and R. Kumar
Aggression in an adolescent girl with mental retardation: A case report R. Kumar, K. Muduli, and T.P. Ray

Need for manpower development in the field of mental retardation:An Indian perspective

N.C. Pati
Counselling parents of the children with mental retardation M.K. Pandey and S. Mishra
Consangineous marriage M. Pattnaik

Problem of physically and intellectually disabled children in society on their education, training, and rehabilitation

G.K. Nanda
Psychiatric Morbidity after Floods N. Kar, I. Das, B. Mishra & J. Sengupta
Psychiatric Morbidity among Street Children P.K. Mohapatra, S. Dash, N.M. Kar,   J. Sengupta, B.N. Mishra, G.C. Kar
Pain & Psychiatry Satyabrata Das
One day in an Integrated School for the Disabled in Germany Narayan Chandra Pati
Physical Disability presented with Double Depression - A Case Report B.N. Mishra, P.K. Mohapatra
Behavioural Intervention of an Autistic Child - A Case Report Parshuram Behera, Anil Kumar, Alka Nizamie
Behavioural Assessment and Skill Training of two Mentally Retarded Children Narayan Chandra Pati & S.S. Sahoo
A Case of Hyperkinetic Disorder Treated with Methylphenidate and Behavioural Management. Jagadisha, N. Kar, S. Mehrothra,K. Muttineni and P.P. Khatavkar
Problem Behaviour Management of a severely mentally retarded child - A student of Chetana Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, BBSR Narayan Chandra Pati & C. Mohanty
Personality dimensions and conditionability of convicted prisoners S. Mishra and M.K. Pandey


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