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Task  Ahead

  • To provide good quality Service, Special Education, and Vocational Training to the 170 inmates in three Special Schools run by the Organization

  • To provide Vocational Training, and Placement, to Adults with Intellectual Disability, through Sheltered Workshops in Urban Area.
  • To establish an Agriculture Based Rehabilitation Centre for adults with intellectual disability in the Rural Area of Orissa, India.
  • To improve the quality of infrastructure in all the three Special Schools run by the organization with an objective to provide comfortable working and living facilities to the persons with Intellectual Disability.
  • To form Block level Associations of Persons with Disability in all 314 Blocks of Orissa and form a State level Federation.
  • To provide necessary Medical, Educational, and Vocational Rehabilitation to 8000 persons with disability identified in 8 Blocks of the State of Orissa under Community Based Rehabilitation Programme.
  • To extend Community Based Rehabilitation Programme to as many Blocks of the State as possible.
  • To conduct Health related programmes with a focus on the poor and disabled, women and children.
  • To develop Homes for the Senior Citizens, Orphans and Street Children and provide for their education and rehabilitation.


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